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House extension, House remodeling, House renovation, Commercial Premises and much more.

Nutly Avenue 9
Nutley avenue

Type of Project: House Extension

Date: 2021

Budget: 250K

Description: Existing poor quality rear extension was removed, and replaced with single store open plan kitchen dining, separate multifunctional room, and to the side shower room storage and utility. Front was redesign to give upgrade to exciting dormer window, and by adding new porch and extra hall space, sire and front was connected.

Ranelagh Interiors

Type of Project: House Remodeling

Date: 2020

Budget: 120K

Description: Two rooms to the rear of the exiting house were combined to make an open plan kitchen sitting dining room, but a separate double height 'den' room was kept as existing, with new connection to remodeled space.

Aim was to create modern interiors with raw and contemporary clean lines, to the rear of classic main houses.

It was important to have a background to very rich art, and designer furniture. All to be seamlessly connected to the rear patio and raised garden.

Corban Grove Shankill

Type of Project: House Extension

Date: Summer 2019

Budget: 80k


By building only one room, almost as a glass box, a garden was brought up into the house. This separate tranquil room was built to the rear of the existing kitchen and dining room, giving extra cozy space in the winter, but during summer, sliding doors in the corner, make the garden be almost like a part of the interiors. 


Type of Project: House Renovation

Date: 2019

Budget: 250k

Description: Complete renovation of two storey detached house with partially two storey, and single storey extension the side and rear.By removing internal walls and opening to the garden, the ground floor of the house gained all new family space with rooms which also gave privacy and a relaxing feel after a busy day.

Stunning 5 bedroom detached home 9
Apartment Sandycove

Type of Project: Renovation and Remodeling

Date: Summer 2019

Budget: 120k

Description: 80 sqm apartment was stripped back to its concrete walls, and refurbished with a contemporary approach, to give a better sense of space. It was crucial to provide fitted furniture for storage, but at the same time not making it too cluttered.

Glenamuck Cottages - Home of The Year 2021

Type of Project: House Extension

Date:  2018

Budget: 200k

Description: Home of the year finalist. rear extension with private bedroom wing, and double height living/kitchen dining open plan with Mezzanine home office floor. Whole extension is hidden to the rear of the design single storey cottage, because of garden rapid drop to therear. 

Single store extension as a private wing with bedrooms, is stretching further, and double height open plan living, attached to existing kitchen and dining, creates immediate connection with the whole front space. 

Mezzanine extension to Glenamuck cottage 3
Nutly Avenue 7

Rear Extension Hillcourt

Type of Project: Extension/ Renovation
Date: 2014
Budget: €150,001 – €200,000
Description: Converting the attic to habitable space. Both floors/roof were developed together. More light, space and value were added to the house.
Hair Salon

Type of Project: Internal fit out of retail unit

Date: 2019

Budget: 150K

Description: Fit out for newly open luxurious hair salon, to create relaxing and pleasant space for clients who would like to have break from daily rush.

Split level extension to cottage 12
29 Glenamuck Cottages

Type of Project: House Extension

Date: 2018

Budget:  €150,001 – €200,000


Single storey cottage with two storey extension to the rear.  Whole extension is hidden to the rear , as the long rear garden drops a lot. Behind the ridge of the front house, the half floor up master suite is looking down to an open plan kitchen living dining room. On the side also, new utility and storage was added.